Dear Friends,

You will discover throughout this web the vast scope of activities that we are undertaking. Please be encouraged to find us on Twitter, Facebook and other. We love you to connect with this ministry and encourage others at the same time.

Through the vast work of this ministry people around the world have come to know Jesus, pastors and leaders have been trained, equipped and ordained into the ministry. Third world peoples continue being reached. Broken places are being restored and the ministry of restoration is being fulfilled, all with the generous help and support from our special partners and friends - who are people just like you. Even the smallest gifts go the furthest way! (We witness permanently how the Spirit of God can expand resources, sometimes beyond belief!)

So the overall impact of 30 years in the ministry continues to increase daily and with your newfound friendship, love, support and prayers, the work of this ministry can continue for the next quarter of a century!

We thank you for being with us in this mission.

Thank you and God Bless

Apostle Dr Alan Pateman