Main Ministries

APMI is an extensive umbrella organization; evolving over many years to encompass the New Dimensions of understanding in regards to our perceptions, faith and partnership with God
to bring His purposes into full maturity in the earth, which involves housing and administrating ministerial organizations.

Connecting for Excellence

The Heart and Passion behind CFE is Relationship Building. A Ministry of Love and Reconciliation! Connecting people from around the globe with a passion for building lasting and significant relationships.

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LifeStyle International Christian University

LICU is an English speaking University dedicated to our students´ success; to see them trained and equipped to fully succeed in their God given Destiny; to raise up the leaders of tomorrow, who will have influence in all realms of authority, including the Body of Christ.

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International Apostolic Accreditation Council

IAAC exists as a network of Christian professional educators, bible schools, leadership forums and university programs to provide both credibility through association and credibility through accountability. Achieved through cultivating Christ-honouring relationships, the sharing of expertise and resources by world renown speakers.

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Truth for the Journey Books

Dr. Alan is recognised as a prolific writer and is the owner of "APMI Publishing & Publications," who has written excellent materials that help advance the gospel. He is a successful author of over 30 book titles, numerous teaching materials, along with hundreds of "Truth for the Journey" articles on Kingdom Lifestyle.

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